Hiring Garcia Financial is a great way to prevent mistakes in your income tax return. In Canada, each financial year, every individual has to send a tax return to the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). Depending upon the figures shown upon the paperwork, the government will either make a refund or ask for an amount to be paid. If personal tax returns are not filed on time, a financial penalty will be issued by the CRA. Tax returns for each year have to be filed by the 30th April of the year following. 

5 Tips for Quickly Mitigating Your Company’s Financials

The current epidemic is affecting the global economy in unexpected ways, so how are businesses mitigating their finances to navigate through these times?

Finance departments are on damage control attempting to quickly revise everything from expected revenues to updating expense reports to reflect recent layoffs. Budgets and forecasts need to be recalculated and the ability to quickly update financials with actionable insights has proven to be invaluable for the future of organizations.

Here are 5 tips for quickly mitigating your company’s financials.

  1. Incorporate Real-Time Reporting
  2. Automate FP&A
  3. Consolidate Data Sources
  4. Implement an Augmented Intelligence Platform
  5. Derive Accurate, Actionable Analytics

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Did You Know?

Do you work from home as a sole proprietor, maybe having a home office? If so, did you know that you could reduce the amount of tax you pay by deducting a sum of money for home office expenses?


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